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(International wire transfers through BN)

Make a wire money transfer from your bank account to one of ours.

Be aware that there may be fees for currency conversions and/or wire transfer, for which you are responsible. Our account must receive the full payment in US dollars.

Beneficiary:          InterHAND S. A.
Currency:               US Dollars
ID:                            3-101-279006

All accounts are in IBAN format
(as of August 1, 2019, Costa Rica will not use the internal bank codes nor the inter-bank codes at the national level known as SINPE) (Certification only in the spanish version)

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Banco de Costa Rica / InterHAND




Email IH

Please remember to e-mail the confirmation reference from the Bank Receipt by e-mail to

For Wire Money Transfer

If you want to execute a transference from outside Costa Rica (money wire transfer), click to obtain information for the intermediary bank that connects to Costa Rica

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