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FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions

Every company says that its services are the best and have the lowest price, this is because everyone is marketing to the same group: customers. Our goal is to offer high quality services at a reasonable cost, so your institution has no excuse for not being on the Internet.

We have lots of experience in the IT (Information Technology) world. We want to offer services not only in our country but world wide. We *know* the meaning of the Internet and what you are looking for. Here are some reasons why you should choose to become your IT partner: 

Frequently Asked Questions

○ Our support via e-mail, chat, phone or IM (MS-Messenger, Skype or Yahoo, you name it).
A lot of companies only offer ticket support; we offer full front-desk services, so you can choose your preferred way to communicate

○ Extensive experience is not a brand new idea; it has been on the market for several years, providing not only hosting services but also server support, enterprise consulting, turn-key solutions for security implementation and more. A high-tech group of recognized engineers and managers are always looking for the best path to success for every customer.

○ Seriousness and professionalism
You might access a professionally designed website and think it reflects a strong image, but it can be a kid who’s behind the administration. Do you trust your company in non-professionals hands? Are you not afraid? We are a team of professionals who keep in touch with the latest technology, ready to fulfill any request. From hardware and software support, hosting and security to professional consulting services, will always try to provide you with the best solutions.

○ Maintenance and performance
We keep an eye open on our customers services 24x7x365, this means we are always ready when something strange is detected. You can leave the office in peace, knowing that your web site and e-mail server will monitored at all times

○ InterHAND - Experience, knowledge, the perfect key combination
This is what we strive for on a daily basis, to be a step ahead, always ready to fulfill your needs, we care about you, your business and your customers. Do not think about what you spent but what you gain and the benefits of being in the right place when your Internet service is required 

 That one is easy: it’s a time and money saving tool.

Do you have a car, cell phone, or answering service or machine? These are common modern business tools.

Where is your Web site? What does it say about you? What does the lack of a web site say?

A web address added to your business card, television, and printed advertisements, gives you the opportunity to “say more for less.”

A web site is a store front and salesman all rolled into one. Available at the visitors request, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. As the business owner, you have absolute control over this salesman. He is never late for work, never calls in sick, and always presents your business in the best possible light.

Once upon a time, the only tool you needed to draw a potential customer to your door and have them feel safe about doing business with you, was a listing in the Yellow Pages, and an occasional ad in the local newspaper. “Word of mouth” advertising is still a common and effective small business promotional tool, but in today's competitive market place, these are just not enough.

With the advent of the Internet, more and more people are doing their shopping, and/or shopping research from home. Changing times and customer needs, demands that small, and new, business ventures adapt to the changing environment. In the eyes of many potential customers, a website adds volumes to your business credibility.

A web site can do what many small business owners don't have time to do:

○ Introduce yourself
○ Detail the products or services you offer
○ Tell the history of your business
○ Expand communications with prospective customers
○ Educate the customer so he can make wise decision

Studies show that presenting hard facts and educational materials about your products and services, instills a sense of trust that will turn a visitor into a customer.

A web site can present information and details that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. Unlike print advertising and promotion, a web site can reflect changes in inventory and pricing almost immediately, and at a fraction of the cost of printed materials.  

○ An Internet domain name is vital before you start your Internet experience (like when you decide where to purchase the land for your house, the domain name must qualify and be easy for your customers to remember).

Name selection is not an easy task, we will suggest some that may fit your business, then -after a brief explanation of Internet convention- you can decide and order one, or more, for your company (you can purchase as many as you want, but only one will be the general “brand”, the others will act as pointers (known as aliases) to the main domain name, so you can have, and, all under a single domain. If your company has a long, hard name to remember, you can add the abbreviation for a short-and-easy e-mail brand to remember)

1. Domain name: please keep in mind that domain names must have no empty spaces, accents or any other different characters of [a-z] [0-9], nor a dash (-). Also, the length should be no shorter than 3 or larger than 64 characters (2 letter domains are really expensive and sometimes they are not available).

2. pick a good one: avoid long names: if your company name is «International Apple Vendors of Florida Inc.» try or because it is already known that someone with that name will sale or distribute apples.

3. Importance of a .com, .net or .ws registration: On the Internet, it’s certain that somebody has already thought about the same name you are thinking of now (remember this is world wide, it’s not only for your country), so you can use a .com, .net or .ws to facilitate your identity, and if the name is already taken, try a local country segment, like for Commercial in Costa Rica or for Commercial in Mexico. United States has its unique extension named .us, so that is another alternative (this requires a registration and presence in USA).

.com ➙ Commercial
.net ➙ Network or Internet Related
.ws ➙ WebSite (originally for West Samoa)
.org ➙ Organization
.it ➙ Italy but used work wide as Technology ➙ Commercial in Costa Rica ➙ Organization in Costa Rica
.name ➙ Personal Use
... and more...

4. The domain name registration must be under your own name or your company name: some Internet companies register names on-line under their name, so, if in the future, you want to change your hosting service to another company, they make it difficult, or just destroy your domain entirely, thus you all your efforts are lost. This is very important; your domain is yours, so why should it be under somebody else’s name? The unique section that may be under your hosting company, is the Technical Contact details. That information will be used by the Registrar (the entity who sales domains) to contact a technical person to let him/her know about in-deep technical details of configurations and/or maintenance.

5. Information and support about your domain name if you are purchasing a new domain name: please ensure that there is at least one alternative way to contact your provider other than using e-mail (at least have an Instant Messaging like MSN/Yahoo or Skype, or a real phone number, if possible), please check this out:

1. Company reference: you may receive a service from somebody who is not the person/company that you think, sometimes they are just another hacker with a nice page trying to get your money (check if there is a LEGAL info page or real Bank Account under the company name, this will ensure reliability for your pocket).

2. Do not trust in a company without an address or number for contact purposes, ask where they are located, or if they really exists.

6. Quality vs. Price: Internet wars for domain registration is not new, similar to other sites, everybody always tries to lower their prices, but think twice about this, the company with a lower price is not always the best one. The registration is a one time payment (for a minimum of 1 year) and the savings could be just 5 to 10 dollars. That is almost nothing, so please check this out: verify who is registering and how is it being registered instead of asking about pricing, remember that nothing is free and if somebody has a lower price, it is usually for a reason -it could be that a parallel service is not being provided, something is being skipped, or something is not being delivered/notified, which you may need in the future (such as MX records, aliases, DNS management, etc.)

At least check our recommendations before registering a domain, getting a Web page, or asking for any other Internet or IT service. We are open to questions, so share your concerns, once you get answers and compare them, take a break and you will never be worry about your decision.  

For any company the most important (besides the core like products and services) is the technology as well as its data and image, if one of those fails, the entity will be in serious consequences later.

If your data for invoicing is lost, if your computer crashes or if your image is broken, your institution will fall in a complicated route, and of course, a low depreciation of performance, time and seriousness.

That is why you require a company with the services provided by, someone who provides security, advisory, reliability and professionalism.

For any company, the most important thing (besides the core like products and services) is the technology as well as its data and image, if one of those fails, the entity will suffer serious consequences later.

If your data for invoicing is lost, if your computer crashes, or if your image is broken, your institution will struggle, leading to a depreciation of performance, time and seriousness.

That is why you require a company with the services provided by, someone who provides security, advisory, reliability and professionalism.

The difference between internet image and internet presence

First of all, you have to see the difference between having an Internet Image and having your company on the Internet (Internet Presence). If you are not ready to invest in your company’s presence, you should, at least, have an image, this means having your own domain name, and a tiny presentation but not an image with its own domain. A lot of companies will make you “offers” in order to have a company image on the net, but... Do you know what kind of image? Maybe it’s not a good one, maybe it’s not a fashionable, or adequate image, a little compact and out-of-date. If you do not have your own domain, they might forget about you. This is why you should work with someone who cares about you, someone who updates your web whenever it is required.

On the Internet it doesn’t look good if you don’t have your own image-such as your own domain, address and information. For example, Some company cars have a slogan like:

For additional information, please dial
(123) 456-7890


Send an e-mail to:

Visit us on-line at:

This is simply not a good idea... You might have seen advertising on TV, company cars or even business cards with addresses ending with Hotmail, Yahoo or GMail (or your local Internet Service Provider ==> ISP like C*mcast, R@cs@, MSN, and others). Those addresses are fine for personal use, but not for a company. You shouldn’t even have slogans that read:

For additional information, please dial
(123) 456-7890


Send and e-mail to:

Visit us on-line at:

As mentioned before, this is the wrong way to advertise your company, and it gives a bad impression to your current and potential customers. Think about your bank, a strong entity and someone who you think is the best, what would you think if you receive a brochure or business card with: www.somebodyelsename/yourbankname instead of The latter is the shortest and the easiest to remember, where as the former is telling you that they are too old, have no resources to invest in technology, and are living in the stone age... the same issues occur with e-mails (remember, if it is for fun, no problem, but for business purposes, you are shooting yourself in the foot).

Another example, let’s say you are inquiring about new car that you’re interested in, it is better to write an e-mail to: or instead of or This example is further evidence you that by investing just a few extra dollars, you will see a noticeable difference since your image is much better. Now, if you have a domain name, you have a corporate e-mail and hosting package, but your website is just a picture of your company (logo or slogan), Why would somebody else would be interested in visiting it to see your products if nothing is available It will be enough to take a look to your business card, it has the same info: logo, phone and address. Internet presence means offering your company to everybody, to show professionalism, your products, services and sale your image. This is Internet presence, the choice is in your hands. 

Company Image (in terms of the Internet), is the key to success. If someone visits your page and it has a bad image or is oriented incorrectly, they will think your company is bad Vice versa, if they see a good image, they will store that thought and remember your company in a positive light.

Visitors link your web site image to your company, so you have the power to shape the ideas your visitors have of your company, wheatear they are existing customers, or potential ones. Do you want a good image, or do you simply want to have a .com registered and do nothing with the money spent.

If you can’t remember your e-mail, the image of your company's web site, or its content, we strongly recommend you use our services or just delete what is in that 2-years old “Under Construction” page. Your company's web site is like your business card, if your phone number has been written incorrectly, your address doesn’t exist or... worst, your name is spelled wrong, or they were printed so long ago, your contact info has changed... Ask this question  

Would you invest (as current or potential customer) in the company with a business card riddled with errors? Are they really as bad as the business card is? Is the reason their business card hasn’t been corrected because they have nothing to offer?

We will look for solutions and recommendations to make both your company and its image the best in your area. After all we’re on the same side, aren’t we?

Everyday we see new computers, the market grows, and the hardware is faster and more reliable than the version just 2 months ago. We recommend changing the main computer or server every year and the other terminal computers every two years. The reason being, to improve your company’s productivity. If the main server or your computer is slow, the computers that access it will run slowly too.

Sometimes you have to wait for your computer to show a query in your invoicing software system or CRM. Avoid those long “Please wait, processing, one moment please,” increase the speed, and extend the performance by investing in new computers.

Computers are an investment required to grow. Do not wait until the current one is broken or becomes to old to be replaced. You should invest in technology as it will increase job quality, performance, and more...

We also recommend you have a good maintenance service. This will ensure the longevity to your computers, they will work better, and will always be optimized. 

For most companies that have computers as assets, an internal network is available; thanks to this, the productivity may be increased, since a network will allow you to access every computers resources without moving and walking between them. A network is a must today, but what kind of network? Besides there being a variety of car types available on the market, there are also different brands, models and motors, so the question is: What kind of car is required by your company? Something that’s fast and just a little bit expensive but you know will take you where you want to go, or just a regular one that gets by. Below we will show you the network types that you can install. Think about this and try to remember the words used by the people who installed it, maybe #1 is the most common package used by people who don’t have good advising or knowledge of IT networks.

Network #1: UTP or FTP CAT5 (category 5) cable, movement capacity up-to 100 Mb.
A regular 700 Mb CD-ROM transference between one computer and another one will take about 5 to 10 minutes (if both are updated)
Network #2: UTP or FTP CAT5E (category 5E) cable, movement capacity up-to 1000 Mb.
Same example as before, 700 Mb CD-ROM may take around 30 seconds or 2 minutes if both computers are updated.
Network #3: UTP or FTP CAT6 (category 6) cable, movement capacity up-to 2500Mb.
The same CD in the same circumstances could last around 5 to 30 seconds between 2 updated computers.
Network #4: Wireless (this is a different type of network since no cable is used between computers but the air).

◆ There are several flavors, the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11g (enhanced with speed booster). Their range goes from 2Mb or 4 Mb, 11Mb or 22 Mb, 54 Mb and 108Mb. This kind of network speed can be adjusted or misadjusted by external factors (like regular wired networks) such as, weather, humidity, electromagnetic waves, electronic devices, network cards, network standard used, network hub/switch/router, building wall material and more.

We recommend networks that are at least as effective as #3 and/or #4 (or a mix of both is possible). This will grant you extra benefits in job executions and data transference, like backups or e-mail download.

Just try to remember how much time you spent opening files, or moving documents between computers, and the amount of human energy used. Imagine that just a little investment can make it 10 times faster. 

There is no doubt it, a company without technology, won't be able to remain on the market, or at least, stay competitive.

The best way to increase performance and reduce costs is by having the best possible technology. A good example is invoicing, just compare using an invoice management software than can generate the document in less than 2 minutes, search customers, provide medias, statistics and more, verses doing the procedure by hand. In this example, you have increased performance and reduce costs (time, costs, security and reliability), by simply introducing a computer and a management software.

Imagine if, technologically speaking, you are up-to-date and ahead in your market sector, you will have more possibilities to achieve a wider market with the same amount of employees since they will be able to do their work faster and more reliably.

You will be able to have lower prices than your competitors, while doing your tasks faster and at a reduced cost.

Do you think your company requires new technology? We do. 

If you know a little about marketing, you will know the first rule, is to generate the product need, if that “need” does not exists, no success will be achieved. That is why you will have to invest in advertising in order to get what you’re are looking for.

The company image is its warranty and security for its customers. If your logo or image is well known and attractive, it will be easier to offer your product while selling. If your image is bad or deficient, that goal will be hard to achieve.

Big companies designate a high percentage of benefices to improve their image and publicity.

If you pay no attention to your image, you will be neglecting your company. If a client or supplier has a good image of you and finds it on the Internet, he/she will know you are a serious company, but if he/she does not have a suitable image of your business, he/she will think that they are dealing with a small, consolidated company that doesn’t invest on its own image.

A clear example:
If you know a good restaurant, where the food is great but it is hard to find, word of mouth advertising used by your customers and the image you invested by the owners will create a superior image of that place, so other people will be motivated to find your location since they already have a positive impression of your restaurant.

Now, if the place has a 5 star category but the food is not as good as its award, we know for sure that nobody will recommend it, right? 

In a previous question, we made a reference to how to improve and optimize your company performance (logically with technology, human resources and qualified personnel).

If you have good products and want to increase the production, the only way is to contract/hire more personnel, or improve the current working conditions, so your employees, do twice as much with the same or less effort.

Another option is to ask for advice or guidance from a specialized company that advises you suitably, so you can obtain a higher productivity.

If you have the best and most powerful computers in world but either no one to use them, or nobody who knows how-to get the maximum benefit from them, or the opposite problem, the most qualified personal but obsolete machines.

If you want to go blind on the street, investing in people and hardware (machines), it is up to you, that is your decision. If you want to improve and optimize your company’s productivity and reduce costs, do not hesitate to contact us, we can advise you and save effort, time and money. The best invested money is the one that produces more.  

First of all, you need to know that there are some types of e-mail accounts, like:

External POP3 account: this is a low image account, an «external POP3» account example could be:
□ or
□ this is not good and deplorable, just try to think something like: or
□ your
(there is no problem if you use a secondary account for personal-familiar purposes, but for business, this doesn’t look good).

Own POP3 account: This is the most attractive and professional image, this will increase your image and will be easier to remember, like:
□ or

Today, e-mail is fundamental to communicate with customers, suppliers, providers, etc. This is effective, fast, trustworthy and economic. You can send pictures, text, images, videos, documents and any other type of desired file.

We think your company requires its OWN POP3 account, Don’t you? 

The data stored in your company computers is as valuable as your company. Just think about this: the company invoicing info is lost or even worst, the computer where it is/was stored is broken.

Backup security copies are done to avoid the pain and panic in case of these kind of emergencies, so you can recover as soon as possible.

The time between each backup copy is fundamental. If you do monthly backups and the current information is lost, you will only be able to recover until the last backup operation date was created.

We offer you a backup system that is reliable, fast and secure, so you can do as many backups as you want in a secure way. You can store them in another location inside of your company in case of an emergency (fire, robbery, flood, etc.), or if you wish we can store them at our facilities (with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for your own security).

Do not let your company computer information get lost, it is vital and important for your business. 

If your car is broken, a mechanic is called, so if a computer is down, you should take it to an engineer.

Today, computers are very easy-to-use, so a lot of people can install, configure or delete files and settings for the equipment. This can produce a system failure, mismatched configuration error or a total suspension of the current computer actions.

A broken computer or a computer that was set up poorly with working equipment, will be slower or require more people to complete everyday tasks.

If you have a tec support company on file, you are less likely to experience something like that.

Tech Support is not only calling a technician (or engineer if possible since it is better) just to fix the problem. Remember that it could be twice or three times the price of a regular maintenance program; do not wait until see the fire, keep checking all areas to avoid minimal errors that can cause an emergency for your company’s business goals.

If you do not check your car periodically (like water, oil, tires, etc.) it’s lifespan will pale in comparison to a car the receives regular maintenance... same thing occurs with computers, if you do not apply revisions, updates and check the performance, they will not last as long, and the performance will be deplorable.

We recommend at least a bi-monthly revision for every regular computer and a monthly check if it is a server or main equipment. There are security updates, operating system stabilities, function checking, hard disk defragmentation in quick access and more free space. Remember that sometimes there are unneeded or unused programs installed on your system and even worst, viruses and spyware software allocated in your computer that you don't know about (they are received by e-mail or while you are visiting a non-reliable website).

Approximately every 120/240 working hours (15/30 days on a regular 8 hours office usage on regular non-24 hours computers), it is highly recommended to optimize and check the computer in order ensure it works perfectly and with the safety concept that everything is OK with the maximum performance... this can’t ensure it won’t have problems (like when an Olympic athlete gets sick) but, will extent your computer’s lifespan, will increase the performance, and can save you time while detecting possible errors on regular revisions.  

We are a company with a wide array of professionals, not only IT but design, marketing, education and training. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals, Linux experienced engineers, programmers with a large variety of language flavors and a management of responsible people.

Internet in your hands is what we look for in every computer, that is why we are named (.net for networking people) and we always pressure ourselves to improve as much as we can.

Professionalism, customized services, the peace of mind of working with an experienced company and of course, real people with real solutions through the usage of technology.

We advise our customers on new products and applications that can save time and money to their current business core... Immediate actions are taken if an issue or uncommon situation is detected, so... Why would you not want to be a part of our award winning team of customers too?