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Payment information:

Make a wire money transfer from your bank account to one of ours.

Be aware that there may be fees for currency conversions and/or wire transfer, for which you are responsible. Our account must receive the full payment in US dollars.

Internet is always a good trick to transfer money.3 banks are available for payments.

Computer servers serve money transactions around the world, the same way your domain does with your business.

Beneficiary:   InterHAND S. A.
Currency:   US Dollars
Cédula Jurídica:   3-101-279006

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica - Logo

Bank Account (savings):   200-02-002-510671-2
Cuenta Cliente (SINPE)   15100220025106712

Banco de Costa Rica

Bank Account (savings):   001-1094201-7
Cuenta Cliente (SINPE)   15202001109420175

For Wire Money Transfer

If you want to execute a transference from outside Costa Rica (money wire transfer), click to obtain information for the intermediary bank that connects to Costa Rica.   Banco Nacional

Please review our Terms and Conditions (Spanish Version only)
English Version will be available soon.

Pay the entire year and receive a disccount.


Please remember to e-mail the confirmation reference from the Bank Receipt by e-mail to



Sometimes wire tranfers charges extra fees, please ask so you cover everything...


Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

NOTE:  not very often BUT sometimes, we received calls from people outside Costa Rica asking for instructions on:
How-to transfer money to local Costa Rican banks?
We are not a bank agency and we are not related to them.
This information is a guide for OUR FOREIGN CUSTOMERS ONLY who are sending their payments for services hired with us.

If you are a third party entity and not our customer, please contact your bank directly if you want to transfer money to somebody else in Costa Rica.